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Our small series production chocolate is proudly and lovingly manufactured in Belize.


The quality of our chocolate products starts with the beans and the local farmers play an important role in the production of the fine cocoa that we use in our products.  Luis Armando Choco, our leading chocolate maker, divides his time between the Mahogany Chocolate Shop on Ambergis Caye and the Toledo District in South Belize, where he visits the farms, talks to the farmers and selects (literally) the beans from our fermentation and drying depot that go into each batch of our premium chocolate.

Ethically produced cocoa from farmers in the neighbouring Toledo region enables us to support the local economy.

Our cocoa beans come from ecologically and sustainably managed farms.  With our support, farmers apply good agricultural practices to ensure that their trees have sufficient sunlight, nutrients and care to produce only the highest quality cocoa.  We achieve this by maintaining rigorous farming practices that include soil and tree improvement, shadow management, pest and disease control.  Our consultants visit these farmers to ensure that their practices continue to meet our very high standards of sustainability and organic cocoa.

From bean to bar (Bean to Bar) 

We make our Belizean chocolate from the bean to the bar, all I add is raw cane sugar and a little extra cocoa butter for smoothness. With 100% cocoa in your hand, you can decide whether to prepare a sweet or savoury dish and put your passion into practice. It is a versatile and strong ingredient, a building block of taste with health benefits that one cannot believe.

We believe in fostering relationships with local farmers who share our values and are committed to sustainable agriculture.

Harvesting is an extremely important part of our seed-to-borne process.   This phase is controlled by our farmers and farm managers, Feliciano Pop, for our Peini farms.  Our team visits each farm to ensure that our farmers adhere to the strict harvesting protocol established by our technical team.  If we only harvest and crack the ripe pods before we extract the seeds properly, we can guarantee the highest quality of the beans. We provide farmers with ongoing training and recommendations to improve their farming practices. 

Sustainability just a buzzword?


Sustainability - the word is on everyone's lips today: we want a sustainable economy, sustainable education, a sustainable environmental policy and a sustainable society as a whole. But what exactly is sustainability in chocolate production?


In order to develop a truly sustainable system in social, environmental and economic terms, our production facility has been designed to reduce the amount of energy required to process the chocolate. In addition, we are developing innovative activities that will help us close the loop and better manage the potential by-products and waste produced in the system to minimize environmental impact and potential inconvenience to surrounding communities. In the same building we have our own laboratory with all the necessary professional equipment to evaluate the quality of our beans and document the traceability of the entire process. For us, the social aspect is just as important as any other aspect taken into account in our operations. As part of this extensive programme, we support our farmers in many ways, including providing all the conditions they need to send their children to school. We also support adults who want to learn a trade or finish school. As part of our social responsibility program, we support the Fundación Folklórica José Corella, a non-profit organization that promotes Panamanian culture through traditional instruments, dances and music. At the beginning of 2017 the group consists of 35 children and teenagers from Boquete, David and Dolega. For many of them, this program is the only way to learn to play a musical instrument or dance traditional Panamanian dances.


Would you like to visit the chocolate plantation in person?

We organize a unique experience with you. We will train you personally from A-Z and introduce our chocolate farmers to you personally. A unique experience. Contact us on the home page below.