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The fine cocoa used in this handcrafted chocolate bar comes from Punta Gorda, Toledo District in South Belize. 

With an annual chocolate subscription or simply as a "time to time" buyer of individual chocolate bars, you can help secure demand for high-quality organic chocolate and the work of chocolate growers in Toldeo, Belize. 

We thank you very much for this, you will be highly appreciated in Belize, Punta Gorda and would be delighted if you came to visit us.  

More than 150 cocoa smallholders grow cocoa for us according to the old Mayan tradition in harmony with nature and the environment. In the Toledo District, fine cocoa (Criollo and Trinitario varieties) has been cultivated for more than 3000 years and is regarded as the cradle of cocoa in general. Unfortunately, many cocoa farmers and their families now live in poverty in Belize and around the world. Our local partner "Belize Cacao Traders (BCT)" counteracts this situation. BCT buys the cocoa fresh every week from the farmers, who receive their money directly upon delivery in cash. The price paid is three times higher than usual in the chocolate industry. The correct payment allows the farmers a carefree, economically and socially independent and secure life. 

BCT's quality standards are at the highest level and scientifically shaped. BCT runs its own tree nursery and breeds quality seedlings which are given to the farmers free of charge. Another unique quality requirement is central fermentation and sun drying. BCT operates a first-class fermentation and drying plant that sets new standards worldwide. Traditional Maya methods combined with the latest scientific findings result in world-class cocoa of unmatched quality. 

The freshly harvested cocoa beans arrive in the fermentation boxes at the latest after 6 hours. This guarantees an optimal & clean fermentation without foreign fermentation and unequalled constant quality. By the regular and secured income by your distortion of chocolate they can extend their farms and successively hold their production quantity or even increase something. Thank you ! 

80% Milchschokolade (80 Gramm)

72% Dark with sea salt (80 grams)