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The Story...

We have always loved high quality chocolate (Grand Cru) from the east coast of Central America. And we always like to remember our trip in February 2018, this love, especially when we travelled to the cocoa farms.

Trips on treacherous, unpaved roads with bare rock faces on one side and hundreds of meters of steep slopes on the other.


The enjoyment of this 100% Belizean cocoa with its rounded body, fruity taste and nutty finish is worth this trip every time again. 

As a chocolate lover, via a network of relationships in Belize, Central America, I met the businessman David Sewell, who converts small badly managed plantations into better ones and sets 1.) organic, 2.) high quality standards, 3.) very good employment conditions (he pays 3x higher salaries than usual) and 4.) a better and sustainable local infrastructure. We then invested in "soil" to get closer to our goal of planting one million trees. It was also important to us to ensure the work and culture of the Maya offspring. 

David Sewell visited Europe and I invited him to a radio interview for my podcast on iTunes and had the idea to interview a long-time family friend of my parents. Werner Rüegsegger, Maitre Chocolatier, with 40+ years of experience in chocolate & refiner of best Swiss chocolate quality and Swiss milk, he was also ex-chocolate world championship coach and initiator for many years. The interview started on 21 August 2018 at 10:30 a.m. (See: Interview)

Marcel & Saskia on their 2000 square meter land in Belize with chocolate plantation farmers and Maya descendants

Maître Chocolatier: "I think I can handle it :)) Belize origine grand-cru BTB, to make the best chocolate in the world, is my dream - I'll do anything to make it!"

David Sewell, Founder & Chief of Operations Peini Cacao

"Thanks for the podcast and for bringing me together with Werner! A Game Changer!"

Werner Rüegsegger, award-winning Maitre Chocolatier

"Thank you very much for today's meeting and the introduction of such interesting people who correspond to my thoughts! I hope to visit Belize with its interesting Mayan and Aztec chocolate background. I am sure I will make a more amazing chocolate out of the beans, which have subtle fine fruty flavours, not a surprise, but rich chocolate flavours and almost no bitterness. Surely I can improve the production process considerably. I hope I can help David raise his chocolate to a premium standard and create the ultimate biblical B2B that will make it a premium global success! 

Today organically grown by descendants of the Maya! Fine cocoa from Belize - the origin of cocoa at all, where the Maya consumed cocoa, today grown by Maya descendants, organically grown

A rare picture of the cocoa god of the Maya

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Hand processed in Lucerne with Gruyère milk to the world's best Bean-to-Bar chocolate.

We love it

Our chocolate bar is a chocolate dream, the delicate chocolate melts on your tongue. E Guete!