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"I have tested your chocolate with other Grand Cru chocolates: (1) Bonnat 2.) Duffy's and 3) Akesson's. All Grand Cru gold medalists.  My conclusion is: Your chocolate meets exactly my taste and therefore better! Mathieu Theiss

Dear Customer,

If you wish, by consuming chocolate, you can make a significant contribution to the preservation of the cocoa's origin.....Whether as a buyer of single bars or as an annual sponsor by automatically sending you a badge (70 bars) each year, you will help sustain the livelihood of the plantation farmers and the work of the Maya offspring and their children in Toledo, Belize!

Your advantages:

  1. Contribution of a sustainable cause 

  2. Good deed!

  3. Package with finest Grand Cru chocolate

  4. You can visit the chocolate farmers in Belize

They help the Maya descendants living in poverty, their families and the preservation of the indigenous cocoa culture. 

The ingredients in cocoa protect the heart, strengthen the brain and psyche, and prevent arthritis. Now a researcher has discovered that chocolate also makes you slim. 
And when Beatrice Golomb says that, you believe her. After all, she has proof. She and her team have examined about 1000 Americans for their diet and health. And contrary to all expectations, it turned out that chocolate lovers are slimmer than people who despise the delicate enamel.
"Probably," explains Beatrice Golomb, "the catechins in chocolate stimulate the metabolism." The chocolate ingredients allow the cells to burn more energy. Please don't snack by the kilo! :)


Milk 44%

CHF 9.60 (80g)

Purple Black 90%

CHF 9.60 (80g)

White Butter Vanille

CHF 9.60 (80g)

Black 72-75%

CHF 9.60 (80g)

Caramel Milk 40%

CHF 9.60 (80g)

Hazelnut Milk 44%

CHF 11.60 (100g) Hazelnut 

Special Selection

White Chocolate Crispy

CHF 9.60 (80g)

Mimi's Fleur de Sel Noir 72%

CHF 9.60 (80g)

Mimi's Chili Noir 72% (not yet available)

CHF 9.60 (80g)

Grand Cru price comparison calculated on 80g:​

CHF 12.00 Duffy's "Honduras 72%"

CHF 9.60 Rutz "72% Dark"

CHF 14.00 Olivier Fuchs "Grand Cru Du Ghana 68%" 

CHF 15.40 Dieter Meier "75% Guatemala"

CHF 8.80 Bonnat "Maya"

CHF 8.60 Akesson "75% Madagaskar" 

The Bean-to-Bar process in small batches is not a cheap mass industrial chocolate production but sustainable fine cocoa directly from the chocolate farmers Punta Gorda, Toledo, Belize and 100% hand-picked and further hand processed in Switzerland so that it delicately fades on the tongue ...

Plus shipping & handling: CHF 6.00 CH, CHF 5.00 EU, USA: CHF 19.90

Which one would you like?

The "Purple Black 90%"... 
with its particularly high cocoa content offers an extra strong, cocoa intensive taste experience. The full aroma is composed of different taste components, which unfold differently during consumption.

Experience the unique taste of this extraordinary variety: Aromatic cocoa in its most original Maya form with an intense acidity and a pronounced bitter note as well as hints of candied fruit. In order to enjoy this particularly cocoa-intensive taste experience, we recommend that you gradually accustom your palate to chocolates with a high cocoa content, starting with "Black 75%", in which you break off a small piece and let it melt on your tongue. Together with a cup of coffee, the full aroma unfolds particularly well. 

80% Milchschokolade (80 Gramm)

72% Dark with sea salt (80 grams)