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The world's best fine flavoured cocoa from Belize - the origin of cocoa in general, where the Maya already consumed cocoa in 2000 BC, today cultivated naturally ( organic) by Maya descendants!




There are four cocoa varieties: Forastero is the world's most widely cultivated. It is also the cheapest. Nacional belongs to the Forastero variety and is only cultivated in Ecuador. Criollo is considered the best fine cocoa variety. Trinitario is a cross between Forastero and Criollo.

Step one: From the bean in Toledo, Belize... (Peini Cacao Plantation). Sustainable, socially responsible, world-class cocoa produced by the descendants of the Maya exclusively in organic quality. Belize (formerly British Honduras) is simply, for thousands of years, the birthplace of the fine flavoured cocoa varieties Criollo and Trinitario. 

Feliciano Pop, the master of organic cocoa cultivation (with Mitsue Rüegsegger, Swiss Japanese chocolate expert of 30+ years), passed on by his ancestors, the Maya culture. There is no better, more sustainable and natural way to grow cocoa, with sensational results. Belizean cocoa is a unique variety, created hundreds of years ago. Fine flavoured cocoa at the highest level, which is in no way inferior to the Criollo and Trinitario varieties!

Step 2: the bar in Emmen, Lucerne (Switzerland)

Our Trinitario fine cocoa chocolate bar with the noble properties of Criollo is a chocolate dream. The delicate chocolate melts on your tongue. E Guete! 

Finest high quality Maya chocolate that moves your heart! Directly from the Maya descendants incl. shipping. The chocolate melts very well in the mouth, the taste is on a high Criollo & Trinitario level. Delicately bitter, with fine fruity and highly voluminous highly complex chocolate aromas. 
The finish is chocolaty with a joyful palate and a true representation of tropical fruits and the South Belizean environment.  

FAQ: Where do we get the beans?
Small family businesses in the southern district of Belize. The Central American Commonwealth coastal state of Belize occupies an area just half the size of Switzerland - and has a population of just 300,000. The country's economy is based on exports of fine wood; cocoa is only produced and exported in small quantities. The country has a completely different heritage, as cocoa was already cultivated in this region during the Maya & Aztec period and various Criollo tribes were rediscovered in parts of the country. Original chocolates from Belizean cocoa are correspondingly rarities.  

What kind of cocoa trees grow in Belize?
Belize has a fabulous blend of different types of cocoa trees.  There are still some original Criollo trees with fine taste that live wild in the jungle.  Mix this with the Trinitario breeds that have been brought to Belize over the years from Central America and the Caribbean, and you end up with what is locally known as Belize Blend, a coveted bean with a fine taste and notes of dried fruit, caramel and nuts.


How do you make white chocolate?
Cocoa butter, milk powder, sugar, vanilla and lecithin.  Some people argue that white chocolate is not really chocolate because it does not contain cocoa mass, and some companies replace the cocoa butter or part of it with vegetable oil.



Does cocoa grow in Belize?
Yes, it grows especially in South Belize, but can also be found along the Hummingbird Highway and in the Cayo District.


Would you rather drink/eat chocolate than donate money to South America?

Yeah, why not? Because cocoa is traded on the commodity market for less than one dollar per pound. This is almost as high as the country before the drop to $0.30/pound, which led Hershey to exit in the 1980s. It also marks a four-year low in the current market. Perhaps the Mayan gods need to remind everyone how healthy chocolate is and encourage a return to this three times daily drinking pleasure with every meal. That would be a real blessing for the market!